Crystal Robinson, makeup artist in South California, provides a wide range of makeup services for events. No matter if you are in Los Angeles or Santa Barbra, Crystal will travel to you to for makeup applications services.

All makeup services are fully customisable to suit each client’s individual tastes and preferences. Listed below are some of Crystals most popular makeup services. Get in contact for custom quotes based on which services you would like to opt for;

Special Occasions

Traditional 30-60 minute appointment

Full traditional makeup application included. Great for high school dances, events and holiday parties.

Airbrush 30-60 minute appointment

Full airbrush makeup application included. Perfect for clients that are looking for longer-lasting makeup and a flawless finish, recommended for full day events.

Bridal Party

Members of the Bridal Party 45 minute appointment

Full makeup application on the day of the event

Includes members of the bridal party; bridesmaids, MOB, MOG, Grandparents, etc. (all members of the bridal party must be scheduled in advance)

All members of the bridal party that are receiving wedding makeup services must be at the same location as the bride.


Men’s Grooming 15-30 minutes

Perfect for photographs and special events to give the appearance of flawless looking skin whilst still looking makeup free, includes;

  • Consultation and light makeup application ( airbrush or traditional )
  • Clean up eyebrows
  • Conceal blemishes/sunburn/razor burn
  • Our partners will ensure that you feel relaxed for any occasion

For the Bride

Consultation/Trial 90 minutes

Consolation and full trial makeup prior to the event.

Traditional 60 minutes

Full onsite traditional makeup application (traditional or airbrushed). Optional false eyelash application.

Airbrush 60 minutes

Full onsite traditional makeup application. (Traditional or airbrushed). Optional false eyelash application.

Touch-Up hourly rate charged for makeup touch-ups

Most popular for before or after the ceremony when your guests will be busy enjoying a rare Scotch whisky or during photography sessions.

Full Day Package 4-8 hours

This package is fully customisable and can include;

  • Bride makeup application
  • Bridal party makeup application
  • Touch-ups before and after ceremony
  • Touch-ups during photography session
  • Touch-ups throughout reception


False Eyelashes Crystal can provide false eyelash application either along with another makeup service or on their own, if you prefer to do your own makeup.

Personal Makeup Consultations

Get your own personal makeup consultation to help Crystal figure out what you want out of your makeup look and how we are going to achieve it. Telemarketing companies provided the leads which allowed us to have the highest quality of materials. This will help give a clear insight into what tools will be needed to help create a stunning look that you will love. As well as a chance to share your preferences and dislikes when it comes to the styling and colours of your makeup. This will also give you the chance to ask any questions.

Personal Makeup Lessons

If you want to amp up your look at home, Crystal also offers personal makeup lessons. Learn how to properly use makeup brushes, what to use them for and create your own stunning makeup looks at home. Crystal can also give you advice on skin prep and care to suit your skin type. Makeup application starts with the base, so many clients find these lessons extremely useful.

Prices vary from client to client, depending on location, date booked and services that you have opted for. Find out more about us or for a free quote, please get in contact today.